[Check-in: July] What are your wins? What are you working on? Accountability Progress Post

We’ve been hearing from lots of you that you need some accountability…maybe you work alone or your tasks are greater than your time. Either way…let’s use this post for the month of July for accountability.

July is a hard month to feel motivated for many of us…some of us would rather be on vacation! So let’s support each other!

Here’s your challenge…

  • Feel free to share your goals and plans for the day/week then check back in.
  • Share your wins!
  • Celebrate a new client.
  • Ask for suggestions for challenges.
  • Shout from the rooftop that you’ve finished your client reporting.
  • Comment if you survived vacation.
  • Heck, add photos of your adventures!
  • Start a TikTok account finally? Let us know!

You can post daily…post every week…post only on Mondays. Whatever you need and works for you!

Can’t wait to hear all the cool stuff happening!

ps just read that research shows that when someone publicly shares their goals, they have around a 65% chance of success. However, having a specific accountability partner boosts that chance to 95%…so I’m betting an accountability community…we’ll each be at a 99.5% chance of success!


Ok so i had some issues with posting on the app here.

July being my birthday month i have blocked out time for family and friends. I got to have my kids and grandkids together for first time in many many months as my son was able to fly down for just a couple of days. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Accountability for me is getting all my tax done this month as it’s tax time in Australia (our financial year is jul-june)



Love that you got to see your cute family!!! Hate tax time!


I’ve FINALLY got past myself for creating Reels! Lol. It was totally a tech thing for me… but made the time and figured it out. Now I can start translating my content spreadsheet into some reels.

I also have a new class up on my Facebook page. Content Sprint! I can’t wait to help teach more people how to create content quicker so they can do more fun things!

And on a personal note… celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary! Was kinda cool to restate our vows we wrote 25 years ago… they are just as meaningful now as they were then. :wink:


I have always taken a step back from my personal brand activities (my show and chat, new clients, etc.) in August so I could recalibrate and restrategize. Now that that’s no longer my primary business, I’m having a lot more fun exploring future possibilities without pressure, and have already gotten a head start on my restrategizing process, so that I can do my usual September “relaunch” in a stronger, more intentional way.

And, of course, I’m constantly working on strengthening my content process here on Social Media Pulse—right now I’m actively seeking out pieces on topics we don’t have enough content on (TikTok, analytics) and to recruit a wider variety of content contributors (let me know if you’d like to be one of them!).


:white_check_mark: Yesterday I created and scheduled the Social Media Pulse Table Talks for July

:white_check_mark: Just wrote and scheduled an email for people who signed up for the Social Media Pulse Waitlist but haven’t joined the community yet…it’s going out tomorrow!


I often get so caught up in solving problems that I don’t make time to document how I did it – I’m devoting huge chunks of this month to creating those processes at a macro level and helping teammates do the same (with a low lift :sunglasses:).


I had a nice win in July with bringing on a new client that is a small franchise in the Southeast U.S. with six locations and 12 social accounts to manage. Facebook & Instagram. They do high(er) end home theater and TV installations. It’s only been a little over a week working with them, now, but we’re off to a great start!


:heavy_check_mark: Reporting is done, and meetings are scheduled!
:heavy_check_mark: Successfully took a long weekend and didn’t feel like I needed to check my email. Very liberating and I was actually relaxed for the first time in ages! Also ate the largest oysters and they were delicious.
:heavy_check_mark: Started my year as the president of the Wichita chapter of the American Marketing Association. This is very outside my comfort zone :grimacing:


New client sounds great! Keep us posted!

Congratulations Congrats GIF


Loved seeing the photos!!! Thanks for sharing! Happy you got a long weekend in without work! We all deserve that…especially one at the beach!

Keep us posted on your AMA gig!


Thank you!

I definitely will keep you all posted on AMA. It’s a great board and community. Proud to be part of it!


Working on 2 SECRET projects for Social Media Pulse…today is a deep planning day! Fingers crossed I get a TON done!


Secret project #1 just got unveiled!!!