[Check-in: August] What are your wins? What are you working on? Accountability Progress Post

We’ve been hearing from lots of you that you need some accountability…Think people liked this post when we used it in July. So it’s back for August, and we’ll most likely keep doing this monthly!

Here’s your August Accountability challenge…

  • Feel free to share your goals and plans for the day/week then check back in.
  • Share your wins!
  • Celebrate a new client.
  • Ask for suggestions for challenges.
  • Shout from the rooftop that you’ve finished your client reporting.
  • Comment if you survived vacation.
  • Heck, add photos of your adventures!
  • Start a TikTok account finally? Let us know!

You can post daily…post every week…post only on Mondays. Whatever you need and works for you!

Can’t wait to hear all the cool stuff happening!

Don’t forget that research shows that when someone publicly shares their goals, they have around a 65% chance of success. However, having a specific accountability partner boosts that chance to 95%…so I’m betting an accountability community…we’ll each be at a 99.5% chance of success!

#WIN. I completed my Facebook Classes Instructor Program and am awaiting my payment from Meta’s payment people. :wink:

#WIN. my IG Reels are picking up steam and getting over 4k views within the first hour of posting! so my #GOAL is to hone in on those and get those numbers up.

#GOAL the classes I taught as part of my Facebook Classes Instructor Program were successful. So I want to get them on my calendar and schedule some more! My Content Creation Sprint will be a quarterly class that will function as a lead magnet to my list and my membership.

What is everyone else up to this month?

August is winding down…anyone have any updates on wins? or progress?