🚨 ChatGPT in your pocket! YES there is an app!

Exciting news for iPhone users. OpenAI finally released their ChatGPT iOS app!

Cool thing…you can send voice messages to ChatGPT. Think we are all in trouble now!

Here’s what the app looks like:

After tapping on the Message Record button and speaking, you see it convert to text:

Then it starts processing the prompt:

Here’s what gets generated:

You can tell the app if the response is good or bad:

You can select the text to more the text somewhere else:

You can even regenerate the response:

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Thanks for sharing this. I just have it a try. Not too bad

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Downloaded the app on my phone. How are you saving your prompts on your phone? Do you keep it in Notes or is there another app that you use?

Keep us posted!!! Interested to see how it affects your workflow @jenita_dyer

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Thanks Deb! Will do.

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