Chat: What's working with social media for your nonprofit?

Would love to hear where are you currently finding your biggest successes?

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My team has recently grown, so we are in the process of figuring out what all we can do/want to do going forward on our social channels. In general, having a variety of content seems to be helping a lot. We are a very informational/educational organization, but I try to throw in a good amount of fun/meme content to increase engagement. So far that seems to be working pretty well on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m curious to see what happens as Facebook and Instagram start leaning heavier on video content. We are hoping to add videos to our feeds more regularly now that we have someone to manage those, but I’m concerned the rest of our content might really take a plummet, especially on Facebook.


Thanks for posting @lewhitmire! What’s your nonprofit? Would love to take a look at your accounts!

ps we have something cool happening in August in SMP that you and your team might like…keep your eyes open for an announcement next week!

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I work for the Tennessee Wildlife Federation! We have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We also have a YouTube channel that we hope to be adding more content to soon!