🚨 CapCut for Business released

CapCut for Business is an all-in-one video creation platform designed for businesses to create high-impact videos, ads, and brand content with ease.

With its intuitive interface, intelligent features, and a vast selection of commercial-licensed creative resources, CapCut for Business is designed to help streamline the ad production and branded content production process — from ideation, to production, to delivery.

CapCut for Business offers a variety of smart features that simplify the video creation process, such as Ad Script, AI Characters, and Smart Ads, among others.

Commercial-licensed business templates, music, fonts, stickers

Collabs with team members, agencies and creators on branded content. Everyone invited can edit, access, review, and add notes and suggestions all in one place.

Use the latest image editing features…remove and swap backgrounds, design social media poss with templates, create pro image ads and more

Cross-platform compatibility - desktop, mobile, tablet.

Are you using CapCut? How do you see these business features helping you?

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I tend to use CapCut all the time! It actually my go to app for editing video content. I will say that I didn’t realize they were launching a business platform. This is going to be fun! I will have to test it out for sure.

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report back and let us know…I like using CapCut but don’t use it that often. Are you doing a lot of video editing these days?

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Oh yeah! I run all the video content for Instagram and TikTok for SwimOutlet.

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this sounds great. I don’t use it often but I love that TikTok are so pro-active at getting people to make ads.

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