Calling all Agricultural Communicators

Hey, there Ag Communicators! Let’s find each other!

I’m Ruth Inman, Director of Community education here at Social Media Pulse. Previously, I was an assistant professor of agricultural communications at Oklahoma State University and spent 15 years in marketing communications. I’m a fifth-generation woman in agriculture and grew up on a centennial farm in north central Oklahoma.

Can’t wait to meet all of you! Follow me on other social media platforms!
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Hey Ruth!

I’m Mayzie Purviance Cremer, Program Administrator/Media and Marketing Coordinator for Montana Non-Profit the Producer Partnership! I also write a weekly column and blog called Activists vs. Agriculture and I operate my own media company, Walking P Productions.

I’m excited to explore this new platform and hopefully learn some more about social media! I am looking to grow my non-profit’s page, my business page, and my personal page as well. :slight_smile:


Hey @walkingpproductions! So glad you’re here!

Hello! I’m Garrett Steede and I’m an assistant professor of agricultural communication & marketing at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. I currently teach our social media course on a rotating basis and try to focus the course on social media marketing. Because social media is constantly changing, I try to ensure my students have up-to-date information and content including industry-driven certifications and trainings.


Garrett, I’m so happy you’re here! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Hi Ag Communicator Friends!

My name is Madison Goss and I am the Communications Coordinator for the California Rangeland Trust.

I am super excited to have this platform to connect and learn more to progress our page!

Thank you for setting this up!


Hello. I run various agricultural social media accounts in Wales and the UK.
It was great to chat with the team at SMMW22 in San Diego


Yes it was nice to meet you, @dewieirigjones!

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Hi, I work with Extension in New York. I am the Outreach & Engagement Manager for Cornell Cooperative Extension in Ulster County and help coordinate our communications with our Ag education and outreach programs.

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Very nice to be connected, @cap295. I spent four years as a Digital Media State Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State University before joining the Social Media Pulse team.

Awesome! Happy to connect!

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Hi fellow ag communicators! I’m so happy we have a spot here in Social Media Pulse! Thanks @ruthbinman for setting this up.

My name is Caroline Arendt and I’m a city girl turned rural advocate (long story!) I actually had the opportunity to learn under Dr. Inman at Oklahoma State University in the Agricultural Communications department.

With my handy #agriculture communications degree, I worked for big and small agencies, but finally opened up my one-woman show business in 2019 tailored to western, rural and ag clients — and I haven’t looked back! I look forward to connecting with more #agcomm friends here and would love to connect on other social platforms!


Realize this is a bit late…but just wanted to make sure you all knew about our Table Talk MeetUp event happening Tuesday 6/27 at noon ET to celebrate #SocialMediaWeek22. Happy to set up an Agricultural Table Talk if there is enough interest.

Want to join us? Details are here.

Miss Tuesday? I can setup another event just for this group. Comment below if you are interested, (Promise more notice next time!)


I have been working in the equine industry for over 15 years, as well as being a lifelong equestrian. Currently, I specialize in equine marketing and have a small agency. Good to meet you all!


Hi Jamie!!! Glad you posted! I need to connect you to Silvia…thought she was in Social Media Pulse but I don’t see her! She’s in the equine industry! I met her at Social Media Marketing World.

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@jamie as promised…wanted to connect you to @sylvia another equestrian lover! Somehow I think you may already know each other!


@deb @jamie Hi :wave::cowboy_hat_face:

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@charmaynehefley just wanted to make sure you found a bunch of other ag social media people!