The theme of Social Media Week Lima '22 is “Co-Create”—and we want to co-create with you !

I have 10 minutes on stage on Day 2 (Thursday, June 16) and I want to use it to answer your most burning social media questions.

Let me know in the comments below:

What would YOU like to ask me about social media?

(If you’ll be in Lima and are interested in joining us on stage, let us know that, too!)

We’ll announce the results—as well as our live question-askers—on stage on Thursday afternoon, and live stream it right here in the Social Media Pulse community!

Join us LIVE at 3:30 pm ET:
🎥 LIVE from #SMWL22: Christine Gritmon AMA

I wish I could be there. I think my burning question keeps being, how can I leverage tiktok where I give value rather than just using the fun audio/voice overs (which are cute until you get the same one over and over and over). I’m so wary of people’s time - but I feel perhaps it depends a bit if you are B2B or B2C. B2C maybe lets you get more into playing around, but B2B - especially small biz owners already have a lot going on. So how to use it better!