Business manager help needed

See attached image - If I delete the BUSINESS ACCOUNT ACCESS will Vicky Bellerby lose any kind of access to her page? OR does anyone know how to get Vicky access to the Business Account blue circle with M in it that’s now attached to her mixmyscent Facebook page.

I’ve tried and it suggests she has to get permission from the blue circle with M in it but I don’t know how to do that?

Any help/guidance videos would be awesome. Rx

Connecting to IG

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oof. Hopefully someone can come in and give you some help. Business suite isn’t my strong suite at all (although now for me its Meta Business Suite and I haven’t changed it back to business manager).

Since it’s Vicky’s page could she not switch to the mixmyscent meta business account herself by switching profiles in the manager? Or is there any way to add vicky as owner of the meta business account?

@Facebook_Ads_Experts it would be amazing if you could give @rachel1 some your experienced eyes on her access question

@eternalkaz I don’t think so. I cannot find the blue circle M account anywhere other than on her page settings. See images.
Ads Manager
Ad accounts
Vicky business settings
Vicky profiles

Don’t mean to run you in circles of course, but if you go to the Mix My Scent page and then go into the business manager from that account, does that open up the ability to see that business account?

@eternalkaz so page - meta business suite - all tools - ads manager - all tools - business setting OR as above to ads manager then settings - ad account set up? if either/both of those routes are correct then NO Grrrrrrr. If that’s not the route, please advise. Rx

I messaged you instead and then if we figure it out we can post the solution instead of me spamming “can you try this” all over :joy:

This is what I see?
Vicky prof dash

The one under Your Account could be the right one as it implies it’s attached to both FB & IG and it’s getting access to IG that’s one of the problems!

I think to access the IG you have to login to IG and while being logged in try and do the connection.

Anything following that lead?

Hi @eternalkaz where did you message me? I can’t see anything? Rx

It’ll show here :slight_smile:


What platform, I don’t recognise it? Rx

Here, on the SMP community platform.

Ohhhhh, sorry. Rx