Building a Brand: What are the best SM platforms?

Hello, Pulse Community:

I am creating a brand from the ground up for the first time. I have chosen a color palette, desgned a logo, bought a domain and set up hosting (EasyWP). For context, I’m creating a book review brand that I would like to expand across social media platforms.

Now that I have the basics, I need your advice on a few things:

  1. How much content should I have on the website before I begin to promote it?

  2. Because I’m doing book reviews, do you have any ideas on how much of the content should be video vs. written?

  3. In terms of linking to websites with stronger authority, should I link to Amazon and Goodreads to increase my SEO possibilities and improve my score from the Yoast SEO plug-in?

  4. For social media, I planned to have separate accounts that share the same name as the website, rather than having postings under my name, but I also plan to add the website to my LinkedIn profile at some point. Does this make sense?

  5. The social media presence I want to cultivate will be a Facebook page, Instagram account and, eventually, TikTok. I don’t believe that Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, or Reddit will yield adequate ROI for the time and trouble.

I am open to any suggestions from you as I’m completely new to creating a brand from the ground up.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to reading any suggestions you care to share.



Hey Jessica!!

How exciting to create a brand from the ground up. I’ll try and answer what I can!

  1. I don’t think there’s a set number, I would think you’d want to promote the website from the get-go, even without a lot of content. So from the moment you have a minimum viable product (maybe 1 review?) you can always start sending people over there. Maybe you have a suggestion box so people can send you book review recommendations.

  2. I think there should be a good mix of both, but you’ll see in the analytics which resonates more with your audience. If anything, make teaser content that leads to your written reviews on your website. But if you want to create full book reviews on video as well that’d be good. I’m thinking you can write the script for the book review, put that on the site and then use that as the base for a video. That way you catch if someone reads it on your site or finds it on youtube for example.

  3. I’m not very strong at all in SEO at the moment. If linking to Amazon and Goodreads increases your score and your SEO possibilities I don’t see why you wouldn’t if you can do so effectively.

  4. Definitely makes sense to me. You’re the owner of that brand (I assume) so why wouldn’t you put it on your LinkedIn profile. We have a whole section here about LinkedIn, it’s our mission for November! Topics tagged mission-linkedin

Also it makes sense for the brand to have its own tags separate from you!

  1. The choices you made seem good. I think you may want to reconsider Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Twitter threads or teasers can be good (if the site survives). I’m no pinterest expert but I think that you may be surprised at the reach you may get with a good book cover.

Instagram’s reach isn’t that great, but if you’re doing book review reels, you may have a good time. I can see some Facebook Groups going well. Reddit and Snapchat makes sense to me, but I’ve jumped off the snapchat wagon.

But reddit with its subreddits have good potential as well. Maybe in terms of creating content in already branded subreddits moreso than having your own. Creating your own doesn’t hurt though.


Kaz, thanks for your kind and thoughtful reply! I appreciate your support and suggestions.

I’m still in the beginning stages of deciding on social media, but I will reconsider the top three SM platforms for my brand. You can’t be everywhere all at once, so I’ll weight the pros and cons of different places to see what can give me some payoff.

Thanks again for taking time to respond and be so helpful!


For sure! I think FB Groups/Pages will be a really good spot for your top 3. Insta/Pinterest would be a potential fight and then Tiktok to round it up. Then eventually expanding to the other ones or choosing which ones fit best for you.

Since we’re choosing just 3 those would be the ones I think might fit best. But of course I threw the possibilities of the other ones around. :slightly_smiling_face:

Im sure you’ll get plenty of good replies!


Hi @jessicaj.burchard ditto to everything @eternalkaz said. :slight_smile: I think you’d be surprised at the traffic using Pinterest. You might also want to listen to Brandon’s podcast as it is all about making the type of website you are developing profitable through time - My Podcast

Here are a few of the most recent podcast titles:

The Most Recommend WordPress Themes by High Traffic Bloggers
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How to Write a Blog Bio that Makes You More Money
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I hope you don’t mind the questions but do you do book reviews by request? Do you charge for that service? What is the business model? #curiousmindswanttoknow


Hey, @Phyllis!

Thanks for taking time to respond to my post. I appreciate the recommendation for the podcast. Several of the titles caught my eye and could prove helpful. I will have to take a listen in the next week or so!

In particular, I’m interested in learning more about the WordPress themes and turning visitors into fans. I’m not trying to monetize my efforts at this point as it’s more of a learning experience and trying to connect with the book blogger and book social media communities.

You asked some great questions. Right now, I am trying to focus on reading a combination of well-known new releases (“Daisey Darker” by Alice Feeney, “Run Time” by Catherine Ryan Howard) and more obscure but critically acclaimed works (“Vanished” by Karin Lin-Greenberg). Because I have a wonderful public library branch 1.1 miles from me, there’s no business model in that I pay only with my time and efforts to find and read the books.

My blog and accompanying social media goals are to use website design, content creation and SEO, social media management (content creation, visual design, and KPI and monitoring), and building a community from the ground up that reflects my interests and tastes in reading.

Again, I thank you for your time and for sharing such a great resource.


You are every welcome - and enjoy building your new community! I’m sure there are lots of readers in here, too. :slight_smile: Please continue to ask any type of question in here.

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