🎥 Brian Fanzo on NFTs and Community

Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is a digital futurist and keynote speaker. He helps audiences and brands find the harmony between technology and humanity.

We caught up with Brian at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked him about the connection between NFTs and online community.

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The premise of the NFT shift is basically:
How do we not only redefine, but establish digital ownership?

The idea of ownership in a digital space has not really been available to us—and in the cases it was, it was a very transactional relationship. The blockchain technology, which is the underlying piece of NFTs, enables authenticity and validation of things that are placed on there. It adds an element of ownership and really can allow people to not only transfer goods and services between themselves and others, but to really create an economy around anything and everything they’re building.

If you think about it from a community perspective, one of the the limitations or the reasons most communities fail is that there is not that sense of ownership in the greater good, of “the rising tide lifts all ships.” And in this space, and with what NFTs allow and enable, it allows you to think about that idea of, How do I do shared ownership? How do I let people come into the community and as the community grows, we all grow together?

Ultimately, with NFTs, it’s less about the monkey photos, less about even the cryptocurrency; it’s more about: How can we establish and leverage digital ownership to really give people a sense of what they’re a part of is worth being a part of?

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