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Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley is The Entrepreneur Coach, helping entrepreneurs thrive and profit in their businesses on their terms.

We caught up with Bri at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked her how to become unapologetic in our messaging.

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I think one of the reasons—and I don’t know if “apologetic” is the word I’d use, but one of the reasons I think that entrepreneurs, and just people in general, default to being “not un-apologetic” is that we we are social creatures: we want acceptance and to be part of the crowd.

So we fall into these traps of simply going along with what other people think that we should be, fitting ourselves into boxes of other people’s definitions of success, and following all these well-worn pathways that have come before us.

We do what our parents want us to do; we study what our parents want us to study; we go into occupations and things that are “culturally acceptable,” that have “good salaries,” and all of these rules and paradigms that have come before us because we don’t want to be ostracized from the crowd.

The invitation that I’m inviting people into—and the paradigm, I believe, as a culture that we’re moving into—is:

You will be more accepted the more that you can be yourself, and the more that you can just unapologetically own all the weird, quirky, fun things about who you are.

That’s truly what sets you apart, especially in the business world. If you look at ten other entrepreneur coaches out there, I can tell you that they probably don’t have a tattoo of their cat on their shoulder. They probably don’t wear crop tops on every stage they go on. They probably don’t dye their hair pink. But these little things help people connect with me, because I’m being myself—and they trust me for that reason.

We’re definitely moving into this time where we all, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, have this opportunity to give ourselves permission to be us. And when we can accept that we can be us, and it be safe, it’s amazing how other people start reflecting to us that they appreciate those things within us as well.

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