Boosting Ad reviews in 3rd party tool vs natively

Bringing this over from Kenny Mac in the Social Media Pulse FB group:

Have you found that boosting ad reviews take way longer when scheduling posts through a 3rd party platform than natively on Facebook?

We rarely and I mean RARELY run any Paid Content. However, recently we were running a few on Facebook for a brand we work with & a they both took more than 24 hours to approve. That was natively on Facebook. I personally have never ran paid content through a third party platform.

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I find that some of my client accounts (including my own) take nearly the full 24hrs before they are approved natively on FB’s ads platform, and I have other client accounts that consistently get approved within 2-3hrs. It seems to be one or the other and not much in between. I don’t use a lot of 3rd party tools for producing ads, but I don’t believe that would impact the approval turnaround time. I just always plan & anticipate it to take 24hrs for published ads to go live.