Bluesky - Looking for an invite code

Looking to try out Bluesky for an article I am writing, but I need an invite code. Does anyone have a code they’d be willing to share with me? Pretty please :blush:

@amanda1 I know you got into Bluesky…do you by chance have an extra invite code to share with @erica.pollock?

Many thanks for checking!

Hi Erica, I am on the waiting list, but what is Bluesky good for?

@artdragon Not totally sure - I only just got in a couple of days ago so haven’t spent much time there yet. But I will investigate and report back though with what I find out!

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So Erika did you have a chance to poke around? It seems that Bluesky ( has been stuck in an “invite code” for months. It seems like a piece of junk to me, not worth the anticipation.

How is it going? Anything to report back on Bluesky?