Be our expert...what's your favorite thing to help clients and other social media managers with?

What are you known for?
What do clients hire you for?
What can you talk about all day?

We’d love to showcase your expertise and add you to our list of experts! :space_friend:

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The majority of my work is in social media/digital strategy but right now I’m mentoring small business owners through a government funded program to help them to understand and improve their digital marketing. Doing deep dives into the customer journey and finding opportunities for clients is a favourite thing with my small business clients.
I take a holistic approach tapping into my previous business experience and education and so I like to guide clients to ensure they have a business plan and budget. A point of difference is I also look at risk minimisation. Brand building is massively impacted by reputation and building a trusted and reliable business is vital. Are businesses looking after clients data? What about sustainability, transparency? I take my corporate governance knowledge and apply it to small businesses.

The other thing I love to help clients with is in building their community, keeping them engaged and where possible getting clients more involved. Expanding their understanding of community can open new doors for a business.

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