🎥 Avoiding Financial Mistakes (Winnie Sun)

Winnie Sun

Financial expert and entrepreneur Winnie Sun warns us of some common financial mistakes small business owners often make.


  • As entrepreneurs we get into a habit of continuing to invest in the business, forgetting the importance of setting aside money for our own needs
  • From day one, treat it as if you’re getting that paycheck from a nine-to-five: set aside money for your income, your household expenses, and your retirement
  • The earlier you start to save for retirement, or education planning for your kids, the better; you don’t want to wait, you want that time in the market so those investments can grow
  • Put away money into a SEP-IRA if you’re self employed (it’s like your own 401k!) and/or add to your own IRA or Roth IRA as well
  • Fund those accounts automatically: set it up electronically to deposit directly into these accounts, or advise your advisor to pull them from your checking account

Winnie Sun @winniesun
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