#August Contests...and the winners are...🎉

@joanna1 and @awilson Congrats!!! :tada: :space_friend:

Thanks for participating in our August contents…you both win 3 months of Agorapulse. :orange_heart: You’ll be receiving credit in your account shortly. I’ll follow up via DM too!

It was great to see everyone’s Reels and likes! I’ve awarded the Camp Space Friend Badge and the Agency Summit Badge for your participation! You’ll find the badge on your profiles!

Confetti Celebrate GIF by Sophia Bush


Check your profile by Clicking your profile photo>Summary>Badges:

… and looking for these bad badges … bad-ges … ?

Nah … sorry, I have waiting-for-space lag … anyway:


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Oh my gosh … how wonderful, thank you so much @deb and Agorapulse! I simply love the community spirit here and have picked up so many good tips from everyone. It’s good to have a space where we can all come together - things are really tough out there at the moment and we’re much stronger when we can pool our resources and amazing experience to help each other. Always happy to help brainstorm or just a listen when things get tough.
Typically English & love a natter over a cuppa :coffee::teapot: :uk: