Attending Social Media Events: How To Make A Plan To Get The Most Value (Debra Eckerling)

Debra Eckerling

As much as you might want to, when you attend an event, you can’t meet everyone and you can’t learn everything. It’s just all too much.

What you can do is determine your mission. That way, you are able to prioritize sessions and ideal connections, before you walk through those live or virtual doors.

Start by thinking about the big picture:
When you think about the life you want, what does that look like?

When you think about the results you want from an event, how do they fit into your big-picture goals?

Are you:

  • …bombarded with new clients and prospects?
  • …invited to speak on a top-rated live show or podcast?
  • …learning a specific new skill or social media platform that will help you elevate your business?

With that in mind, explore the options the event has to offer, and prioritize what you will attend.

  • What are the networking events? And who would you like to meet?
  • Which sessions are in alignment with your goals?
  • Who would be nice to meet and what would be nice to learn? Think of these as secondary

Now, make a plan.

  • Write a list of the types of people you want to meet
  • Map out your schedule
  • Go to the event, learn a lot, and make notes with action items for moving forward


Deb, the sessions are spread out, so I can go to all of them. Is that okay?

Sure. Go hear what all the speakers have to say. For the sessions that are not priority, take a few notes and file that knowledge for a later time. For the ones that are, identify key points and action items

Deb, I like meeting everyone. Isn’t that the point?

Go ahead, introduce yourself. Connect with (almost) everyone - with a note - on LinkedIn. And also make a list of priority connections: these are the resources, prospects, and new friends who you click with … and with whom you want to start developing a deeper relationship.

Final Thoughts

When you attend an event, you spend time, money, and energy. You owe it to yourself to get the most out of it!

Debra Eckerling @deckerling
Goal-Setting Expert, Virtual Speaker

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