Attending #SMW in NYC this week? 🍎

Who is attending Adweek’s Social Media Week in New York City this week?

(I won’t be at the event, but I’m attending a #SMW happy hour on Tuesday and look forward to meeting a lot of my favorite #MarketingTwitter friends IRL!)

If you’re at #SMW, let us know what sessions you’re most looking forward to!

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Not attending myself. This may sound whatever, but I typically don’t attend any events that I’m not a part of somehow. Either as a speaker or exhibitor.

I love events, and am happy to attend them—but this one has just never entered my world really until this year. I knew about it, but didn’t feel like I knew anyone who was part of it, and now I feel like half of #MarketingTwitter is there. I kind of wish I had made plans to go! But I’m super happy to at least still be invited to a branded event so I can network & mingle. :heart:

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Update: I am at #SMW today! :heart:

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