Attending Podfest/Vidfest this Month?

Hello SMP Community!

Just curious to know if anyone will be attending Podfest/Vidfest in Orlando May 26th-29th? I will be speaking on Sunday & I know others we all know will either be attending or speaking. So if you’re going to be heading to Orlando, I’d love to meet up with you!


@jfuhs @chris are you guys going to Podfest/Vidfest?


They indeed are!

Looking forward to their sessions on all things Amazon selling & Live Streaming.

@deb yes indeed! As @EddieGarrison said Chris and I are facilitating a full day on the Amazon Influencer program on May 27th as part of the Vidfest portion of Vidfest/Podfest


It’s going to be great! So many either don’t know or are just sleeping on Amazon right now. A great way to generate revenue with a MUCH lower threshold of requirement to say YouTube to begin earning money.

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If you have slots @jfuhs you are welcome to add the link to this post incase anyone wants to join you!

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For anyone interested in joining us at Podfest/Vidfest in-person or virtually, here is the link to do so.


Also, if you use the Code: FB22 you will receive a 22% discount on your ticket!

Hi @deb we can’t wait to go there! Are you going to Orlando as well?

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