Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing

I’m keen to learn how many social media marketeers have been using AI to create content across social media platfroms and whats your success ratio ?


For deep learning, I’ve been using Stable Diffusion. it’s a ton of fun and generates unique, owned images that you won’t find other places. I’ve also used AIVA for the creation of some music as well for videos.

For regular machine learning, I use it all the time for attribution analysis and marketing mix modeling as well as content attribution.

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Anyone using Jasper to create copy? Now you can even do AI art!


This is helpful. Many thanks

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Have not used jasper yet. Been working on tonnes of Ai writering platfroms and its been hard to pick :slight_smile: the right one.

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adding this here and in a few other ai threads –

I’ve been asking Chat GPT to give me lists of prompts for social media posts. It’s helped with procrastination


I use Chat daily with a blogging/social client and he uses it many times a day. He’s like a kid in a candy store. I use it to enhance our posts that are written by a real person (currently…).

I’m really enjoying using this one - as you take an existing post and it brings back a nice summary that can be used in many places. Generate Linkedin Posts In Seconds


Our agency is looking into doing the same thing! I think that will be so helpful. sometimes coming up with interesting new topics is a challenge.

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