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Hi Deb:

New things to think about (so far) from the #AgencySummit:

  • Customer Care as a differentiator for brands via careful social listening and analysis…Brooke S.

  • Zero Click Marketing and the implications for creators…Rand F.

  • Dark Social is a thing, and important for accepting “trackless” marketing value…Darryl P.

  • Current Data Shared: 13 touchpoints to engage the click or buy…Anne P.

  • Facebook and all digital advertising face a new trajectory, continue to evolve, and demand changes in ad spend, planning, and results, requiring ongoing adjustments and learning…Amanda R. and panel (Katelyn and Kristen)

  • Automation and Technology are about helping your business scale and helping people via better UX and on-demand options…Mike A. and Anne P.

  • Instructional Design is content marketing and a possible agency deliverable to meet client audience-building goals, create a product, or craft a campaign to educate prospects…Sarah S.

  • Efficiency at scale is integral to the future of marketing; creativity and innovation are linked and also a key to the future, collaboration-forward as agencies and as people…Jon W.

  • Understanding how to budget as an agency and also how to sell it requires doing the line cost work AND understanding how your client communicates so you can speak their language and appeal to them in their preferred communications style (NLP)… Stephanie Liu

  • Thinking inside the box pushes creativity by working within restraints and by leveraging what (and who) you have to work with (everyone is important and gets a voice)…Drew Davis

But, of course, there’s more to all of those points and a lot yet to explore… all kinds of content fodder!! Thanks for everything:) Sue-Ann

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