Are you a social media ROI doubter?

Have you secretly wondered if all the time, energy, and money you are spending on social media is worth it?

And I don’t mean paid ads. That’s easy enough to validate with data.

I mean ORGANIC social media.

If your CFO is breathing down your neck, questioning every dollar you’re spending (and the value of every member of your team) - this special edition of #CMOschool is for you.

Agorapulse’s own Emeric Ernoult and :studio_microphone: Darryl Praill are going to blow the lid off of the value of organic social media (once and for all!) using ROI from REAL AGORAPULSE CUSTOMERS.

You heard it here, first. No gloss. No glamour. No spin. Just real posts and the raw ROI data.

Catch it LIVE, next Wednesday, April 12 at 11 AM ET.

(and don’t worry, register and we will send you the replay link so you can watch it at your convenience)

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