Are you a Social Media Manager over 50? Join us for our first 50+ Mastermind MeetUp Tuesday 5/2

We heard you…lots of you have asked…so here we go!

Join us for our first 50+ Mastermind MeetUp on Tuesday 5/2 at noon EST! We’re connecting social media professionals who are over 50! :rocket:

You are invited if you are:
:white_check_mark: the intern
:white_check_mark: an account manager
:white_check_mark: the ONLY social media manager
:white_check_mark: one of many social media managers
:white_check_mark: or even the agency owner!

From talking with many of you we know you want to connect and talk to each other…this is the perfect time!

The Plan: We’ll have multiple virtual “tables” with different topics. Join a table discussion and connect with other agency peeps! You can hop from table to table until you find an interesting conversation.

Register here

What’s a Mastermind, you ask…for Social Media Pulse…it’s a networking gathering of like-minded people!


@TableTalksFans thought you might be interested!

@Social-Pros-50Plus – this is for you! Don’t miss the MeetUp!

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Thanks for the heads up deb! Looking forward to this Meetup :blush:


Looking forward to connecting!!!

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Very much want to be a part of this @deb -
putting it in my calendar now!


so happy you are joining us @joanna1!

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Looking forward to it @deb
Have a lovely weekend
(bank holiday weekend here in the UK - yay! - now we just need the weather to improve :rofl:)

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It was great meeting and chatting with everyone!

Here are the recap notes from the MeetUP!

OMG I missed this, but I’m a few weeks from qualifying! Next time definitely count me in

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I’ll add you to the 50+ group here in SMP…BTW welcome to the club!