Are you a Faith Based Social Media Manager? Meet others here!

We’ve heard from some of you that you’d like to meet other Faith Based social media managers…Feel free to introduce yourself here. Do you have a niche? Be sure tell us what accounts you manage --links are okay!

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hey! I have worked in several churches as a Communications Director and now work for a company that serves churches. I co-host a podcast about Church Communications (Church Juice) and am in ALLLL the groups on Facebook.


Waving hi… @jnetteyates happy you are here! Love the name of your podcast!

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Another Faith Based SMM.
It would be impossible to not have it woven into what I am doing.

Day by Day in Our World, my main property that I own and operate, is family focused with faith content included.
And, I live inside the Bible belt. So, while the community college is a public school, Christianity is a big part of life here. We just don’t actively promote it.


Excited to see you here @daybydayinourworld! Looking forward to gathering more Faith-Based SMM for some cool conversations!

I manage several different faith based accounts on FB. One is a Nonprofit and the others are solopreneurs who are authors/coaches.

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