Are you a consultant, strategist or freelancer?

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  4. what you call yourself…are you a consultant? strategist? freelancer?

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I’m a freelance social media consultant who works with emerging nonprofits & small businesses. I’m based in Omaha, Nebraska, and I’m very focused on helping nonprofits in my region, but I’m open to working with organizations anywhere - though I do prefer helping local organizations find someone in their area, because when you work with regional nonprofits, there can be a lot of regional nuance that people who don’t live there can miss!

Most of my clients are trauma-focused - meaning they work with populations that have experienced trauma in some way (physical, environmental, mental health) and so I take that responsibility very seriously.

(I bounce between calling myself a freelancer and a consultant. I’ve moved away from pure social media management and am trying to help the orgs I work with empower themselves with their OWN social media managers.)


Hey Deb!
My name is Kabrina Budwell and I am a business, innovation, and communication strategist and founder of Kabrina Budwell Consulting, a consulting firm that focuses on helping service based businesses create, capture, and enhance their brand through Marketing, Social Media, Messaging Frameworks, and Corporate Training. We specialize in automation and scaling opportunities to create true time freedom.

I live in Colorado, but travel to clients all over the states.

I previously trained Cast Members at Disney on technology for those who are visually impaired and Deaf as well as wrote pamphlets for the parks on ride accessibility for those specifically on the Autistic Spectrum.

I call myself a strategic consultant :slight_smile:


Hi Corrie! Excited you have joined us!!! I LOVE what you are doing! Hopefully you’ll jump into the nonprofit mastermind too!


I will thank you! :slight_smile:

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I am a filmmaker & digital content creator/ trainer based in Kenya.

Humour & comic relief is a fun part of my job & client engagement.

My niche is storytelling, content creation & storytelling.


Hello! I see some familiar friendly faces here, and am excited to join in the conversation. A little bit about me?

I work primarily with Healthcare and Nonprofit clients.
I’m usually in MO or TX, but you’ll likely find me in NC during the summer.
Most of my clients feel excluded from typical marketing advice. They have a laundry list of things they don’t have: tech, team, history, etc… I craft strategies that work for where they are and what they have.
I’m a strategist. I am fluent in finance and data analysis and see myself as an inter-team bridge-builder/interpreter. I like to leave stronger communication pathways between departments.

Accepting podcast recommendations–bonus if there’s a little humor sprinkled in.


Amy, I love this phrasing. That’s where a lot of my clients are at too (I focus on small nonprofits with what I call “between one-half to one communications person” and everyone who knows, knows). Helping people where they are at is so important, and it can be challenging too! :slight_smile:

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