Are we still Tweeting ... or 'eXing'?

What’s everyone doing about their clients’ Twitter accounts?
Elon changed the logo this week to ‘X’ but everyone’s websites, email signatures and business cards still have the blue bird. Will we all gradually change the logos over?

Will we stop Tweeting and starting ‘eXing’?

What about Re-tweets from Tweeps and Tweeple?

What are your thoughts on what’s happening over at Twitter these days? How are the changes affecting your business/social media manager role?

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this was an interesting read @joanna1

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I’m having the same thoughts @joanna1 ! One of my clients has asked me to stop posting to Twitter for them, but I think the main reason was just that it wasn’t a main focus and we couldn’t dedicate the proper amount of time to it in order to get any kind of engagement, growth, or return. I’ve never really been a Twitter fan so I wouldn’t be upset if it went away! LOL but I know a lot of people love it, so I’m really interested to see how it all plays out!


It’s a tricky one, isn’t it @awilson? Who knows what will happen over the next few months. Lots of people are quite wary of Twitter these days and it must have impacted their advertising revenue. It’s one of those slow-motion disasters that I can’t help watching :grimacing: I don’t think it’s going to end well!


I saw this @deb - Elon Musk is the client we’d all loathe and have probably experienced at one time or another :rofl: It’s the arrogance of the billionaire not to consider the impact all this has on hard-working people (businesses, social media managers, tech tools etc.) that really annoys me. I can’t help wondering what he’ll do next … :thinking: we should have sweepstake!

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I know, it will be a transition for sure! As for our clients, we’re not managing Twitter for others right now, and for our own branding we’ll have to get it updated. Slowly, but surely.


I’m still hoping he’ll change his mind :see_no_evil:


I do too…but that’s not going to happen! He even pulled the sign off the headquarters building and added a huge lighted X (without the City of San Francisco’s permission).

I think this has been in the works for awhile!

There’s still hope! Maybe he’ll get drunk and do it… :smiley:

Twitter/X has always been a great platform for me & my business. We generate a lot of site traffic & lead gen, email list building, etc. from the platform. Having said that, I post there a LOT! And I mean a lot. Probably average around 30-40 posts per day. Including replies, retweets, etc.

But you honestly don’t have to post that much to have/see success. For our clients, we create four pieces of unique content & then schedule those four at three strategic times throughout the day. So we end posting 12 times per day for clients on Twitter/X.


are you still seeing results @EddieGarrison?

Absolutely I’m still seeing results @deb Both for my own brand and my agency’s clients. Nothing much has changed there, other than the name.

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That’s really good news @EddieGarrison! I just did the #WinnieSun Twitter Chat and hardly anyone attended. In the past she’s attracted a very chatty crowd. Not sure if it’s Twitter/X or the fact that it’s the end of summer.

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