Anyone seeing a spike in LinkedIn activity since the Twitter🔥

In today’s Office Hour someone brought up the activity they are “seeing” and “feeling” on LinkedIn has changed since Elon took over Twitter…

Thoughts? Anyone else seeing this?

I’m more active on LinkedIn, so I’m also seeing more… I don’t see many people on LinkedIn talking ABOUT Twitter or how they moved there though.

Twitter seems to talk about LinkedIn more.

I don’t think it’s a result of Twitter. I have seen LinkedIn engagement and likes increase over the past couple of months. I am not so sure it’s directly related to Twitter or not.

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It is rather hard I would think unless you’re surveying people if they’ve moved from Twitter to LinkedIn.

There are no stats from LinkedIn that I could find for user growth in the month of October or November.

LinkedIn though reported 20% daily user growth on Twitter since Elon took over.