Anyone having issues with facebook tagging?

Is anyone else experiencing issues with tagging other pages on Facebook (while posting natively on Facebook - NOT through Agorapulse)?

When posting content on my client’s Facebook page (a National Sporting Organization), I’m usually tagging athletes’ pages within the post copy. I often opt to post natively on Facebook (rather than schedule through Agorapulse) because I then have the ability to omit words from the tagged page name.

For example:
Facebook Page Name: “John Smith Baseball
Social Copy: “John Smith hit a home run.” ← I can erase the word ‘baseball’ and the hyperlink to the page still remains.

ANYWAYS - lately, I’ve only been able to tag pages through mobile, which doesn’t feature the ability to omit words from page names. Anyone else in the same boat?! It’s drastically affecting my engagement rate as the athletes’ media teams aren’t being actively notified about their posts.

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Hi, Michelle! Welcome to the SMP community, for starters. So excited to have you here with us! As for tagging today, I just checked on my company Facebook page (on desktop) to see if I could tag and then erase part of @Wichita Art Museum… I was able to successfully remove the work Museum and the tag stayed intact. Since it’s been a few hours since you posted, I’m just assuming it was a glitch and it fixed itself.


Hi Jen! Thanks for the warm welcome! :slight_smile: Excited to be here!

And would you look at that - the glitch seems to be fixed!
Wild! The issue had been ongoing for over a week, and is (of course) fixed just after my cry for help!


You gotta love how that always seems to happen with Facebook! :wink: I’m glad it’s working for you again. That can be super frustrating, and clients never really understand when you try to communicate it to them. :rofl: :crazy_face:


I have OFTEN found Facebook tagging to be extremely glitchy over the years on both desktop and mobile. It’s maddening. I would suspect I’ve had problems with it more frequently than I haven’t!


I HATE Facebook tagging…I swear it always is a pain!!! Glad it’s working for you @MichelleConn! ps thanks for posting…it’s great to see you here! If nothing else we’re here to commiserate with you LOL


Glad it was just a glitch for you, @MichelleConn

I too have found this to be true as @christine already mentioned, in regards to tagging specifically on Facebook.