🚨 Anyone have Instagram Stories for Friends yet?

Seems Instagram is testing another collab option…

Read more about it in Social Media Today’s article

I don’t have that but I did recently get the Insta LIVE for desktop. Needs a lot of work. No audio controls within the live area, very bare bones.

Like when I went live I immediately got audio feedback from the stream but no way to turn it off. Kind of annoying considering the desktop audio was being sent to the stream thus creating a loop… I had to mute the tab to stop it, but weird that it’s not an option within the stream set up on insta itself.

Idk what their outreach for lives are, where do you even find them? Do they just pop up under reels at some point? I tried scrolling on reels and found nothing. So the only other thing I can think of is that only your followers know you’re live and can find you live… which feels like it defeats the purpose to me.

Seems like another feature that no-one asked for… but I still want it! Haven’t got it yet.

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I’m still waiting for notes!