Anyone else on LEMON8? Looks like No one?

So ByteDance started a new social media platform called Lemon8 - which they say is a cross between Instagram and Pinterest. and after a look around I have to agree with that. Currently it is VERY curated and looks a LOT like Pinterest.

I went ahead and opened an account - because that’s what I do - test things out :slight_smile:

my username: phylliskhare

See you over there??

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I looked at it, didn’t download. I had read Lemon8 was their response to Tiktok potentially being banned, but it would probably run into the same issues anyways. We saw app mixes like Hive (Insta and twitter) before. Of course this has ByteDance behind it but still. I’ve never used Pinterest so I don’t see a reason to move over and try it out yet.


If I had to choose which one I currently prefer - Pinterest or Lemon8 – I would choose Pinterest for function - and Lemon8 over the attractiveness of the design. So…?? Lemon8 is only full of contracted influencers (and me lol) for the moment, it seems. If you want to see beautiful posts - then Lemon8 is it. BUT if you want traffic to your website = Pinterest hands down.