Anyone else having fun with Text to Image in Canva?

oh my. Well, there are several “text to image” systems out there, but now Canva has one, too. It’s pretty good with some things, but it just doesn’t have the “Humans” down yet lol – you’ll see if you try it out.


Oh wow, I didn’t even know this was a thing! Hopefully they keep working on it to improve it so we can use it more efficiently. Love doing things in Canva!


as long as you don’t have people in the description it is actually pretty good. I typed in RV in the woods - and it was really very good. totally useable.

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Wow. Canva is rolling out features so fast it’s hard to keep up!!

Thanks for sharing, @phylliskhare! I’m excited to dive into Canva Docs soon, too.