Any luck with Instagram Broadcast Channels?

Hi all, has anybody here utilized an Instagram Broadcast Channel so far or have any opinions on the topic? The only main drawback I can find is the need to be a Creator account, which I read limits external scheduling program compatibility. I’ve already gathered names of community members who are dedicated to joining such a group, so I’m not worried about finding participants for it. I’m considering making one to spread the word about my organization’s activities and increase engagement (though despite my troubleshooting, I don’t seem to have access to it on PC or mobile yet). Any tips to get a Broadcast Channel up and running once I get access to the feature?

@Instagram_Experts do you have any tips you can share about Boradcast Channels?

Hi Kersten,
Broadcast channels are widely rolled out, but like all IG features, that doesn’t mean everyone has them. You will have to be patient to get access if you don’t already have access.

In terms of your comment about who can use them, any professional account can have a broadcast channel (not just creators). So you can be a business or creator account. On a side note, IG also recently opened up the API so that creator accounts can use 3rd party scheduling tools now too :slight_smile:

It’s important to know that broadcast channels are a one-to-many channel. It’s you talking from your account AT everyone else. The message recipients cannot engage with a response outside of a reaction (like, love, thumbs up, etc.) or responding to polls. So you can’t ask questions and get responses. Also, the option to add guests (you mentioned participants) is not currently available though it is in work.

Broadcast channels are ONLY available on mobile so you will not be able to access those from a desktop device in any capacity.

Here’s a Reel I did explaining some of these things more: Jenn Herman📱Instagram Expert on Instagram: "Before you jump on the bandwagon, pay attention! #JennsTrends #LearnFromJenn #ProfitYourProfile #InstagramExpert #InstagramMarketing #InstagramTraining #InstagramForBusiness #InstagramTips #InstagramSuccess #InstagramReels #SocialMediaManager #SocialMediaAgency #SocialMediaMarketing #DigitalMarketing #OnlineMarketing #BusinessMarketing #MarketingStrategy"

Hi Jenn,

Thank you for the information! I’m glad to hear that business accounts also have access to the feature.


Anyone using these yet?