Another Twitter Alternative? Hive Social

Have any of you tried Hive Social?? Looks like it started in 2019 and got somewhat popular in 2021 , with its resurgence due to Twitter just recently.

It came under my attention because Christina Garnett mentioned it on Twitter.

Their privacy policy seems to be ok, a bit on the lighter side in terms of length. Might be privately owned? Their About section says it was built by 2 college students.

The only form of monetization I have found was that it costs 99 cents to add a song to your profile after the first which is free.

Otherwise it states it doesn’t share data or collect too much data on users…

It does not have a website version yet, and it states they just got “funding” for building Android app (iOS had already been out) in “2022” (which they have an app out now for android).



yeah, not leaving Twitter – but they certainly got a boat-load of new people this past week.


For sure. At least 400k I believe since they had 600k users (can’t recall where I got that #) but then quickly passed 1M.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: Hilarious!

Everyone always trying to find the “next big thing” and not just wait for a bit and exercise patience. I understanding wanting to be first to something new. But at the expense of what you’ve already built or done is baffling to me.

Clubhouse, or any voice only platform, was the “next big thing” and now I can’t recall anyone even talking about it anymore. Are they even still around? I seriously don’t know. Twitter Spaces is OK, but nothing out of control like I HAVE to be there or I’m doomed.


Some other options: 12 Twitter Alternatives Worth Considering


Yep, was interesting to follow. We’ll have to see what ends up happening with that. The timelines aren’t adding up 100%. I can only hope that their decision to shut down the server until they fix the issues is because they only have 2-3 people working on it and not something super critical.

Are things going to happen? For sure. These platforms are not immune. We have to limit the information that we put forward. Here’s Twitters: Twitter data leak exposes over 5.4 million accounts | Engadget

I’m glad that we do have whitehats that are willing to test these apps and do what they can to keep us and our data safe.


The one thing I see with all of these “alternative” is what’s the end game there? Are you customers there? Is your audience there? I see a LOT of marketers fleeing to these other platforms, only to be met by the same people from the other platforms they were already talking to that they left. What’s the point? Business wise I mean?

I get social media isn’t all about business. But in the end here for people like us as agency owners, etc. it kind of is. Now of course I use social media for personal reasons as well. But I’m not going to start jumping on every, single, new platform that comes along because of a few “the sky is falling” people.

Sorry for the rant. Just my $0.02.


Maybe it’s due to who I followed but the move to Hive or Mastodon was not a business move but to be able to keep up with their friends and coworkers in a social like platform. Without whatever political or safety issues they thought the platform would have. We eventually become the audience at some point.

I don’t believe it was a business move for a lot of people, because as you said it doesn’t necessarily make sense. The smart move is to try out the platform but not leave the previous platform behind. Unless it’s truly gone down hill and things just aren’t going the way you want.

I never left Twitter, but I figured I’d also give Hive a chance. I didn’t try Mastodon because I thought it was too troublesome to try. If MySpace was the place to market and then a fledging FB showed up, it could have been a mistake to not at least try out FB and see where it went if we look back now.


@eternalkaz The big thing with data leaks, etc. is that you have to understand your data is bought and sold every day by your bank, grocery store, etc. It’s been going on since day one. Why else do you think stores have “Loyalty Programmes”?

Those aren’t there for your benefit. They implement those to learn and track purchasing habits so they know when to send out coupons, deals, etc. to get you to spend more with their brand. They’ll go as far as to ask for your I.D. so they can have even. more access to your demographic information to enter into their data system.

The only reason people get into an uproar over it now is that we have 24/7/365 media that people can learn about this sort of behaviour from companies.

I used to work in the private sector of the banking industry and the buying and selling of people’s data is big business! And I mean HUGE! We would buy and sell data from banks, processing centres even the federal government. Yup. The FED!

Now bring that full circle to being “Verified” on social media platforms. More often than not you have to verify your identity with these platforms with some form of identification. Be it driver’s license, passport, etc. What are you doing there? Well, you’re feeding them even more data on your demographics than before, all in the name of a checkmark.


For sure. Yeah I definitely am aware of just how much data is bought and sold every day by everyone. I don’t necessarily like it and we can try to limit what we can. It’s basically impossible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope in the future that we can become a more privacy focused society and work towards it.

That’s why sometimes its so conflicting to try and be in this industry.


Have you tried any of those other alternatives Theresa?

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I tried to get on Mastadon - kind of confusing and unappealing. Signed up for the waitlist for I wasn’t much of a Twitter power-user - - so this uncertainty with twitter has been more of an industry curiosity for me that a strategy-crusher (which I know it has been for many digital marketers that rely on Twitter).