Another Twitter Alternative? Hive Social

Have any of you tried Hive Social?? Looks like it started in 2019 and got somewhat popular in 2021 , with its resurgence due to Twitter just recently.

It came under my attention because Christina Garnett mentioned it on Twitter.

Their privacy policy seems to be ok, a bit on the lighter side in terms of length. Might be privately owned? Their About section says it was built by 2 college students.

The only form of monetization I have found was that it costs 99 cents to add a song to your profile after the first which is free.

Otherwise it states it doesn’t share data or collect too much data on users…

It does not have a website version yet, and it states they just got “funding” for building Android app (iOS had already been out) in “2022” (which they have an app out now for android).