🎥 Ann Handley on Story

Ann Handley is an author and Chief Content Officer of Marketing Profs. Her talk at #SMMW22 was titled, “The Art of Storytelling: How to Create Better Content With Stories.”

We asked Ann if everything really needs a story, what kinds of details help a story to stick, and what her favorite kinds of stories are to tell.

Find Ann at https://www.annhandley.com .

Christine Gritmon @christine
I think you’re a rockstar.
Yes, YOU!
Let me know what lights you up—I want to hear YOUR stories (and to have you write for Social Media Pulse!) :heart:

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that “why now” bit is so important as Ann says. It’s easy to write a story/post without it, but working to include the “why now” bit is like exercising a new muscle for some of us. Nice interview!