Amazon & Google Ads Help Please

My client has a new product, lavender pulse roll on, that she is going to sell through Amazon via Amazon ads. She was wondering if she should also use Google ads. Basically do they compliment each other or is she best doing one then the other? I know nothing about either so forgive me if that’s a stupid question and I realise it will depend to a degree on her budget too. Rx


Hey Rachel, I moved away from doing Google Ads a while ago. Perferring Google My Business for free local marketing. That said I think its going to all be in the testing. If there is a lot of competition in the space, the cost will be higher. I would start with strategy. Is she trying to build brand awareness initally or sales? (I know obviously she would like both). Having a brand awareness strategy is a lower cost starting point. Finding communities that support her type of product could also be extremely valuable, especially in the natural products. If its around essential oils that is very saturated and can be expensive, so highlighting other benefits I think would be pertinent. Hope this helps a iittle. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @communifi, my understanding is to use Google ads to drive the traffic to the amazon site to get sales. Most of her products are quite heavy so expensive to post but this product is ideal to post out so this is the only product she will have on Amazon. She is already posting on GMB 3 times per week. Rx

Maybe @jfuhs has some insight – but I would also add maybe first getting set up as an Amazon Influencer and then work things from there – @rachel1