ALL the AI Tools - in one directory!

you could spend years going through all of these – which ones are you using?


My CURRENT favorite –

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And for Text -

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New one - its got some great features and is getting better all the time. Used it with a client today. This is my affiliate link for full disclosure… its an appsumo lifetime offer. What is like is you can get all kinds of different prompts, summaries, add in research links and all sorts of stuff. The art generator is new and buggy however… i keep losing what I’m doing there, but it has made some good pics

So many already using Midjourney, Lensa, ChatGPT, Vana. Magic eraser for a long time but its not always great.

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another DIRECTORY is here

I’ve gone though multiple directories.

My favorite tool so far is Bardeen - it combines the best of OpenAI with automations for your favorite apps.

Here’s the best directories I’ve found: (wasn’t allowed to post links, but you can google them)

  • AI Tools Directory - AI tools to simplify your work life
  • Futurepedia - The Largest AI Tools Directory | Home
  • AI Directory - The Top Artificial Intelligence and Machine
  • Future tools

PS: You can scrape all of them and get their data using Bardeen :slight_smile:


Welcome @ivan - my favorite is still futurepedia - and the amount of tools is almost overwhelming! If I want to enhance a low res ai image I have somewhere around 10 tools to choose from !

Hi there! I’m the owner of Easy With AI, yet another AI tools directory and would love to be added onto this list. If there’s some space left! :grin:

I’m also a big fan of Futurepedia! Although I noticed they list almost every AI tool out there, even the ones with 0 reviews. I’ve been trying to curate the tools on Easy With AI a bit more and if they don’t have any genuine and positive reviews I will usually decide not to list them. I really hope it’s able to be a valuable resource for people getting involved with AI. I’ve also got a guides section where I post tutorials using the different AI tools (mostly image guides for now, but posting more soon!).

I’m unable to post links but you should be able to find it by Google searching “easywithai”. Thanks so much! Any feedback on the site would be more than welcomed and appreciated, too!


Welcome @ryancohen I’m happy to post it – thanks for all that work!

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And here is one from Community Member @ryancohen

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Thanks so much, Phyllis! I think this field is going to be super exciting over this next year. I can’t wait to see which tools come out next - they’re all coming out so fast now!

I’m currently testing out “BlueWillow” which is an image generator very similar to Midjourney, it only launched about a week ago but is looking very promising.

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would love to see some BlueWillow samples @ryancohen


@deb These are definitely not the best samples, but I hope they’re enough to give you a general idea - let me know if you want me to try a specific prompt with it!

Personally I think Midjourney is still quite a bit better! Especially for artistic styles like paintings and such. Sadly, the upscaler on BlueWillow is pretty bad too, I hope they improve that a bit. It’s still a lot of fun for a free tool though! I wrote an article about it if anyone would like to learn how to use it: Is the New BlueWillow AI Image Generator Better Than Midjourney? - Easy With AI

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AITopTools . Com has over 1100+ tools with advanced features and sorting

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Been very busy but slowly exploring AI for social media management and improving my work flow. Have you used lexica to create social media posts? Curious to see how this can be used instead of regular images to stand out from the crowd for my customers :slight_smile: