Aldi UK soliciting user memes

Who can relate to Aldi UK’s desire to make their job easier by soliciting UCG?

Screen Shot of a tweet from Aldi UK retweeting a fan meme and stating, "If every Aldi fan made a price match meme, admin would never have to work again. If you share your own price match memes with us, we’ll make you an honorary member of Aldi Admin, plus we’ll send a cheeky £10 voucher to our favourite creations #AldiMeme "

Could you see doing this for your brand?

  • a) Yes; user-generated content is fun, makes people feel connected to the brand, and saves me work!
  • b) Nope; just imagine how many crappy memes (and likely some inappropriate and unwelcome submissions) that SMM will now have to dig through, not to mention all the people whining about not winning!
  • c) If I could get permission—but our brand managers would never go for something so unhinged!

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Lol that’s so clever! We’re working on a UGC strategy for one of my clients right now, so highly-relateable. We also try to get UGC for X-Stand as well because it’s more fun to show our community using our product than posting constant photos of our single product. :joy:

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