🚨 AI Wars rage on...Meta...Microsoft...Apple -- time to check in

YIKES…things are still moving fast!

Meta partners with Microsoft

Meta releases LLaMa2

Claude2 is now out

Apple is rumored to be coming with “Apple GPT”

The question is…are you keeping up? Are you just happy with ChatGPT? Do you only have a toe int the water…waiting for things to settle down?


Honestly there’s so much buzz its hard to keep up with any. ChatGPT i think is still the leader in the mindspace of AI.

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Agree!!! Love how it continues to improve. I know lots of people are also using Magai.co too!

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Chat GPT is still best in class for me. The #AIPRM (https://www.aiprm.com/) integration takes prompts to the next level.

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