AI Tools for Agency Relationship Building (Jessika Phillips and Mark Suter)

Using AI can help you build relationships and help your agency save some time, increase productivity, as well as, increase that Relationship ROI**

Jessica Phillips and Mark Suter share valuable AI tools to help you improve your relationship marketing practices.

Jessika and Mark talked about:

ChatGPT – generate responses in a certain TONE

Jessika Phillips @jessika
My personal mission is to inspire people to love more, give more.
I’m the passionate founder of NOW Marketing Group, Social Media Week Lima

Mark Suter
Always a student, sometimes a teacher, Mark is a computer science, game design, and entrepreneurship teacher going on 16 years. His classroom is a hybrid of a mad-scientist’s laboratory and a traveling circus. Mistakes are encouraged, iteration is frequent, and expectations are high.

Mark and his students team up to build 2D, 3D, and virtual reality experiences and games. The VR experiences include working with real-world companies to build training simulations that are used for customer education and employee job training.

Mark won the 2018 District 1 Ohio Teacher of the Year Award, The 2015 Henry Ford Innovation Nation Innovative Teacher award, and is an Adobe Certified Associate Educator and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

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