AI Tool Tour: Discover Tome & (Mary Barnett aka "Mobile Mary")

Mary Barnett aka “Mobile Mary”

Mobile Mary introduces two AI tools, Tome and, that can make social media management easier. Tome creates instant AI-powered presentations and original artwork, while generates fun memes and GIFs based on a theme.


:art: Tome: Instantly creates AI-powered presentations, outlines or stories complete with text and images in 30 seconds.

You can paste entire documents into Tome and convert them into structured narratives in a single click.

People use Tome to:

  • share ideas and tell stories
  • create pitch decks
  • create sales pitches
  • make a comparison between 2 things
  • summarize articles
  • create How-to Guides
  • write children’s stories
  • plan vacations
  • …and lots more…try it out!

:joy: Generates fun memes and GIFs based on a theme or custom text.


Mary Barnett @mary
Meet Mary Barnett, the visionary force behind Another Brilliant Idea, Inc. With 35 years of marketing expertise, she’s redefined the CEO role as the Chief Engagement Officer. Also known as “MobileMary” in the industry, she captivates audiences with her boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to innovation. She works with Mom & Pops to the Military, and coaches, consultants, and small businesses rely on her as their maestro of marketing, as she pioneers groundbreaking strategies, coaches businesses to brilliance, provides software automation and orchestrates VIP experiences.

Join her on a captivating journey of marketing brilliance, where innovation, engagement, and sheer fun reign supreme. From ‘Brilliant Breakthrough Power Hours’ to immersive VIP Experiences, Mary infuses clarity and automation into businesses. With her magnetic energy, she hosts a weekly livestream show, captivating audiences with marketing wisdom.

Join Mary in the exhilarating world of the ‘Marketing Innovators Playground: Where Creative Fun Meets Serious Success’—a free community where creative marketing ideas come to life! Discover Creative Marketing Ideas, learn Software How-to’s, and gain insights from exclusive Interviews with Industry Leaders. Engage in fun and games to WIN exciting prizes while connecting with like-minded marketers. Experience the joy of being part of a vibrant community where innovation thrives.

Working with Mary unlocks a world of marketing inspiration, valuable insights, and endless possibilities…but that’s not all! Mary also invites you to explore, her cutting-edge text marketing SaaS. With, you can quickly and easily grow a database of loyal fans and communicate with them instantly. Harness the power of text marketing and build a community of engaged customers who are just a message away.

Let’s shape the marketing landscape together and make your business soar when you check out and!

FYI: Yes, this bio was written by AI. Pretty cool, huh?

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