AI tips for Social Media Managers from Space Friends

We asked Space Friends what AI tip they could share with other social media managers and we got some great answers! Share your tip below :arrow_down:

Dorien Morin-van Dam @dorien

Company: More In Media
Job title: Social Media Strategist

Dorien’s AI Tip: Create a separate profile/chat for each client and ‘train’ AI to understand your client’s audience. Then whenever you need a quick something written, it’s easy to do the asking!

Amanda Webb @amanda1

Company: Spiderworking
Job title: ROI & Analytics Nerd

Amanda’s AI Tip: Get AI to write a framework and then fill that framework with your own personality-fueled copy. And always, always check the data and facts it gives you.

Autumn Wilson @awilson

Company: AJW Services
Job title: Social Media Manager & Coach

Autumn’s AI Tip: To help get outputs that are more specific to your style, take a piece of copy that’s already written in the style and tone of voice that matches what you want. Paste that into AI and ask it to describe the style and tone of voice of the copy, then ask it what AI prompts it would use in order to produce another piece of copy in the same style and tone. I then copy the phrases and keywords it uses to describe that copy and use it when I ask for future copy in that style and brand voice!

Rebecca Ward @rebecca

Company: thinkSOCIALbeSOCIAL
Job title: Social Media Consultant

Rebecca’s AI Tip: Play with it to see what its capabilities are.

Also, when it has generated text, keep refining it till you are happy that it doesn’t sound generic. It needs to have your tone of voice and sound human.

Phyllis Khare @phylliskhare

Company: Phyllis Khare - Social Inc
Job title: Founder

Phyllis’ AI Tip: Social Media Managers - test all these tools with your own stuff before you share them with your clients. At least feel very comfortable with them before using them with clients. And as far as disclosure goes… if you edit anything from Ai with your own words, I don’t believe you have to disclose that you are using an Ai. If you don’t edit - disclose.

Jen Cole @jencoleict

Company: Greteman Group
Job title: Social Media Manager

Jen’s AI Tip: AI is a great way to save time when you’re stuck in a creative rut. One thing you should always remember, though, is to edit, edit, edit. Use AI as an idea generator, but don’t simply copy/paste. You have to spend time making the output your own because your audience WILL notice the difference.

Jeremy Linaburg @linaburgjeremy

Company: Wholesome Media
Job title: Owner

Jeremy’s AI Tip: Start with a series of questions when using AI. Then work your way down to specific things that you want it to create or find out for you. The more that you can ask it questions and scale down, the better the creative or thoughts will be.

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I love everyone else’s tips! So glad to be included in this roundup. AI is such a helpful tool, but you have to do the follow up and check what you’re putting out there.

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Wow Autumn’s tip is ace. I must try that

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