Ai + CANVA Process - Mind blown 🔥 Don't miss this

Hey Team ai - I just saw this on Instagram and had to share! What a fabulous process for creating social posts – of course, I would recommend you edit and modify before that last step - but still - wow!

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WOW…I had NO idea that you could bulk upload into Canva like that!!! Off to go experiment! THAT ONE tip could be life changing!!!

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I know! Kinda blew my mind too @deb -

That’s a great showcase of the applications of AI, for sure.

I may have stopped at just getting the ideas? At least to stand out to some degree and make it my own.

Sure, you could do the whole video, but how many of your competitors are doing the same thing? Then you’re all posting the exact same content and people will notice.

I’m doing my best not to sound like an AI hater because I see the applications lol but I feel like it sounds that way. Still cool though.

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I’m very excited to see where this all leads. I don’t think it will all sound the same if people do the editing and rephrasing bits.

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I think something like this combo of Canva and AI could be very effective for the “always on” content vs more custom ideas that come out of some strategy sessions or personal observations.


@Stellar247 – feel free to post your Reel about this here –