Agorapulse Audience Report versus Facebook Insights

I recently printed a report using Agorapulse, which showed a total audience of about 33,000 fans. However, Facebook insights on the page I manage shows 35,000 followers. I need some clarification on the following:

If Agorapulse “Fans” and Facebook “Followers” are the same, why is there a significant difference of 2,000 between the number of Fans in my Agorapulse report and the number of Followers in my Facebook Insights?

Hey Melissa,

Others may chime in on this. I googled the agorapulse definition of fans.

Their definition is:

Number of people who have liked your Page (unique users) Last Update : 2 years ago, on Oct 15, 2020

If I remember correctly, Facebook took away “Likes” in 2021/2022 and turned it into Followers.

Followers and Page Likes were not the same and FB removed Likes. So if Agorapulse was showing fans as likes and likes were removed, then the 2,000 difference could be that you gained 2k more followers since the removal of page likes.

I know SMP is powered by Agorapulse so someone with more knowledge may jump in, @deb do you know who we could call upon?

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Hi Kaz,

Thanks for providing some insight. I was thinking the total number of Fans in my Agorapulse report and Facebook Followers were the same after I did some searching in Agorapulse. There is a blog post titled “Facebook Metrics You Need to Know” published on June 23, 2021, that indicates audience growth reflects Facebook followers. Maybe it needs to be updated, or there is a more recent blog post that I haven’t found yet.

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This one Melissa? Facebook Metrics: What You Need to Know | Agorapulse

Looking at this picture:

It looks like you can change the range that it’s looking at. Could you have potentially missed out the 2k by not stretching the range far enough? I don’t know exactly what options Agorapulse gives you.

I found ANOTHER interesting help article that got it’s Last Update : 5 months ago, on Aug 24, 2022

It shows what comes from Agorapulse vs FB Insights… although it doesn’t seem to fix our 2k missing issue.

The only thing I could otherwise think of might be synchronization but the previous link i shared does not say they give out that report thru api synchronization…

But if you wanted to message the Agorapulse support team, they do give an email: [email protected].

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Yes, that one, Kaz. I stretched the range, and still see 33,000 fans compared to 35,000 Followers on Facebook. Also, in the second screenshot you provided from the updated blog post, I see Agorapulse metric Fans and Facebook Metric Likes. Since Facebook removed page likes, my audience report pulled from Agorapulse should have Fans reflecting Facebook Followers. And, that number should closely match the number I see in Facebook Insights. Thanks for providing the email to contact the Agorapulse support team.

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@melissa I see @eternalkaz got you the right email to contact Agorapulse support. The team is probably best to help you dig in as they have access not only to your accounts but also the product team should they need to ask clarifying questions.


One thing I’ve seen with analytics is that none are the same. I’ve pulled from Facebook directly, both desktop and mobile and the numbers were different. I then pulled from Agorapulse, it was a different number. I just make sure to always pull from Agorapulse when running reports so at least the source is consistent.

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@EddieGarrison Yes, you are right about the analytics not being the same. I’ve always pulled from Agorapulse; however, I was recently asked about the difference in the # of Fans on a report I pulled and the number of Followers on the Facebook page. That’s why I came here to get answers instead of relying on my own reasoning. Thanks to @eternalkaz for giving me the email address for the Agorapulse Support Team, someone named Ian responded quickly.

Here is part of his response: “The reason that you are seeing a discrepancy in your Fans on Facebook vs Agorapulse is that when Facebook changed users’ pages to the New Page Experience they didn’t open up their API for collecting Follower data.”

I’ll just have to wait until Facebook opens their API for this metric.


@deb Agorapulse Support awesome. I received a response quickly, and my questions were clarified.