#AgencyChat Do you have a formal client onboarding system? Let's Chat!

Every agency could/should have an onboarding system for new clients. Do you? Let’s chat and share our processes!

  1. What happens when you get a new client?
  2. How do you welcome them?
  3. How do you get all their info
  4. Do you have a formal process? Share how you do it!


To be perfectly honest, we did not the first two years of our business. Since Abby and I were both working full time, we didn’t have any systems in place really. We were flying by the seat of our pants.

However, now, we do have a process!

The first step is to get on a free call with the client to talk through what they need assistance with. After figuring that out we chat to see if Wholesome would be a good fit. If so, we write a proposal and begin the onboarding process.

In normally takes us a month to completely onboard the client. In this time we are getting access to all of the social media accounts, making sure that we are organized in where content will live, and then start the beginning stages of their social media, content, and community management strategies. This consists of several meetings with the client to talk through each of these strategies so that we can best engage with their targeted audience. At that point they are pretty much in the Wholesome family and we are off to the races!

There is just a little insight into how we onboard.

I would love to know how @EddieGarrison onboards clients!

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