Agency Story: Melissa Midy, FMO Media

Melissa Midy

What’s your name?

Melissa Midy

What does your agency do?

FMO Media is a Full Service Digital Marketing Company

What were you doing before you started your agency?

B2B Sales and Marketing

What inspired you to start your own agency, rather than simply freelancing or working elsewhere?

We were four best friends who decided to start this business together. We all had full time sales or operations jobs and really wanted to build something big right out of the gate.

What were the HARDEST things about starting your agency?

Cashflow. We were essentially sales, marketing, operations, production, copywriting, paid media, and learning all of those departments at the same time. Figuring it out was a huge part of the beginning—we were together nearly 24/7 selling and servicing our clients. When the work became too much and we had to hire people, 2 of us decided to quit our jobs and live off savings. Then the pandemic hit and we did everything we could to not have to let anyone go (and we didn’t!)

What were the BEST things about starting your agency?

Personally, I’ve done things I never thought would be possible—I’ve challenged myself and learned so much both technically and as a leader. The other best thing is the amount of people we’ve met and talent we’ve come across. There are so many cool brains out there and we employ a lot of them!

Does your agency have a “point of difference” (or did it at the beginning)? How has that evolved?

I think our point of difference at the beginning was providing the full service digital marketing solution. There were many people in our area that only provided social media management, or ads, or video , etc.—and we did it all!

It’s still the same. People hire us so they don’t have to outsource or hire and manage 7 different people to do their marketing. We also allow our clients to have direct access to us via an encrypted chat. It’s so much better and faster than email, and nothing gets lost in threads!

What’s your staff structure? How many do you have, and what are their positions? How did that evolve?

We have a CEO, COO, Partners, and Director of Operations. HR, Finance, and Client Services Departments. We then have Production, Paid Media, Web & Email Depts. Our Community Managers manage ‘pods’ or teams of Account Managers, Content Creators, and Video Editors. Each Pod services the same group of Clients.

It’s certainly evolved over the last 4 years. We had people that did a little bit of everything managing almost every part of the marketing for a handful of clients. As we raised our level of service, we started to get specialists in different departments to focus on their skill.

We had one videographer for about 2 years and a handful of social media managers.

And before that, it was really me and my partner. Needless to say, we’ve come a long way, and we’re really excited to see who else we’re going to meet to join our team!

What have some of your favorite projects been and why?

So many! Most recently, it’s been an internal restructuring of positions—we’ve been able to pivot and shift with Social Media and provide a DIY Solution along with coaching to all of our clients built out on a new website.

Any big fat failures you’re willing to share?

Haha so many! We would do anything to help a client succeed—once we spent about $1000 (when we really didn’t have it) promoting an event for a client and no one showed up. We ended up having a great time with her—but we learned so much! We were targeting the wrong people and ultimately were still able to provide the client with a digital strategy that—needless to say—no longer included in-person events.

What do you wish you knew before you started your agency that might have made things easier at the beginning?

The standard you set for yourself is the standard people will meet. If you don’t challenge team members, most will do less. If you don’t challenge YOURSELF, YOU will do less. Find the people and programs and projects that challenge you and RISE to the occasion!

What’s your advice for someone starting an agency?

Give it everything you’ve got from the very beginning. Whether you build fast or slow—BE CONSISTENT. For us, building fast helped the consistency.

If you weren’t running your agency, what do you think you might be doing instead?

Running someone else’s! I already owned two different businesses and did sales and marketing for myself in those, so running an agency that helps others build their businesses is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Melissa Midy @melissa4
Partner at FMO Media, Digital Marketing Agency specializing Marketing for Professional Services Nationwide

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