⭐️ Agency Story: Lee Goff, MarketingAgencyCoach.com

What’s your name?

Lee Goff

What does your agency do?

I sold my first agency, and am minority owner in a small agency in AL now.

I also own a B2B lead generation platform for digital agencies, an agency coaching business, and a short-term rental business.

What were you doing before you started your agency?

Working for an environmental and safety consulting group.

What inspired you to start your own agency, rather than simply freelancing or working elsewhere?

I knew from an early age I would be a business owner. When I saw what the internet could do for the small business owner, I dove in head first and never looked back.

What were the HARDEST things about starting your agency?

Driving leads; building all of the systems and processes to replace me; regulatory compliance issues.

What were the BEST things about starting your agency?

The feeling of growing something with your own two hands; helping small business owners; the freedom awarded once you taste a little success.

Does your agency have a “point of difference” (or did it at the beginning)? How has that evolved?

The agency I sold was the largest Keap/Infusionsoft implementation agency on the planet.

What’s your staff structure? How many do you have, and what are their positions? How did that evolve?

43 full-time, all-American employees that came into an award-winning culture every day. Traditional organization structure, just applied it to the digital industry.

What have some of your favorite projects been and why?

Country of Fiji, it was just cool to watch it grow their GDP by 5%, biz dev projects like courting sales staffs and eventually getting them to dump leads on us, etc…

Any big fat failures you’re willing to share?

Pick a category: I failed a million times, I was successful once. Maybe that puts it into perspective. :wink:

What do you wish you knew before you started your agency that might have made things easier at the beginning?

The power of having diversified and plentiful lead sources. Once the demand goes up, the game changes—and for the better.

What’s your advice for someone starting an agency?

When I was building my agency, there were no coaches because the industry was too new. But now that other people have done what you are trying to do, hire a coach or a mentor. I cannot stress this point enough; it is absolutely critical to success in my opinion.

If you weren’t running your agency, what do you think you might be doing instead?

I have no idea, good question though!

You can see more of Lee’s story here.

Lee Goff @lee
:star2: Social Media Advisory Board Member
CEO/Founder, MarketingAgencyCoach.com

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Love Lee! Great reading his story!

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Love Y’all!!

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