Agency Story: Britney Crosson, Fun Love Media

Britney Crosson

What’s your name?

Britney Crosson

What does your agency do?

Fun Love Media helps mission-driven brands connect with their audience via organic social media content, email marketing, and podcasting.

What were you doing before you started your agency?

I was raising babies, working part-time for the family business (owned by my Dad), and taking acting gigs here and there.

What inspired you to start your own agency, rather than simply freelancing or working elsewhere?

I grew up watching my dad run his own business my entire life and always knew that I was meant to be the boss. He taught me everything I needed to know about business, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I’ve also always had a business goal of providing a work environment that team members absolutely loved and helping support multiple families. There’s something so special about knowing your business helps a parent, for example, buy Christmas gifts for their kids.

What were the HARDEST things about starting your agency?

The hardest thing about starting was the fact that I’d never done this before and wondered if I was doing things the “right” way. I later learned that nobody really knows what they’re doing at first—or even later, haha! We all have to find our way and listen to our intuition.

What were the BEST things about starting your agency?

I loved knowing that I was building something completely from scratch by myself. It makes me feel so proud. And now that I’ve grown a small team, I have extra appreciation for the help because I’ll always remember what it felt like doing things alone.

Does your agency have a “point of difference” (or did it at the beginning)? How has that evolved?

Although I’ve always known myself well, it took time for me to truly clarify Fun Love Media’s messaging. I can now confidently say that what differentiates Fun Love Media from other agencies is our heart and our zest for life, in general. We work with mission-driven brands run by people that have a purpose and a calling and want social media to help them make a positive impact on the world. Everyone on the FLM team is a deep thinking, deep feeling person that has a heart of gold and loves to have a good time. It’s a “build it and they will come” thing since I named it “Fun Love” (my two fave words) and ended up attracting that vibe when building a team.

What’s your staff structure? How many do you have, and what are their positions? How did that evolve?

We have a small, but mighty, team at Fun Love Media.

Megan Colwell is our Director of Design and an Account Manager. She’s an incredibly talented wood burning artist and designer with tons of social media marketing knowledge. I always say that the angels sent Megan to me, because she’s just that wonderful.

Vanessa Alston is my amazing sister-in-law and an Account Manager. She had no previous experience in marketing and has made huge strides in her abilities. Plus, she’s one of the most caring people you’ll ever meet.

Zach Alston, my brother, worked alongside me in Dad’s business for years and years. And it was always a dream of mine to create a business that he and I could both work in after Dad stops working one day. So it’s a dream come true to have him as our audio and video editor.

And last, but not least, is our newest addition, Aubrey Mathis. Aubrey is an extremely talented and published author and entrepreneur. She’ll be working as an Account Manager, as well.

We all work remotely 95% of the time, because we’re spread out across Texas and the country. But I 100% plan to have annual team retreats in the future!

What have some of your favorite projects been and why?

I’ve loved so many of our projects. A great example is my client, Lanier, who’s the Executive Director of a nonprofit that helps alcoholic men. His social media content helps bring attention to their organization and has helped them raise additional funds. It’s been really special watching that happen.

Any big fat failures you’re willing to share?

I’ve had a few clients cancel before their agreements were up, which is never fun. But what’s funny about all of them is that none of them felt great from the start. Either something wasn’t aligned well, or maybe the client wasn’t super confident in whether they really wanted help from an agency or not. And even though we don’t want unexpected revenue loss, there’s been a sense of relief after every one of those cancellations. And it’s helped me clarify more and more what kind of clients I do (and don’t) want to work with.

What do you wish you knew before you started your agency that might have made things easier at the beginning?

Okay, I’m about to get cheesy, but hear me out:


There’s nothing else I wish I knew in the beginning, because it happened just as it was supposed to. I had to learn and figure it out along the way. I always say that “on the job” training is more valuable than formal education for almost every profession out there.

What’s your advice for someone starting an agency?

I recommend that you go to Google University and start researching marketing agencies. Get a feel for how others are doing things, so that you can learn what do and don’t want to do with yours. Be patient with yourself and know that it will likely take years to reach a lot of your goals. Remember that client testimonials are so powerful and should be requested and also shared regularly. And last, but not least, treat your team with respect and pay them well.

If you weren’t running your agency, what do you think you might be doing instead?

I’d clearly be a television superstar :wink:

Britney Crosson @britney
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