Agency Chat: What are the pros/cons of doing TikTok client work?

Ever felt the joy when a TikTok you crafted rockets your client to stardom? :rocket:

Yet also had those black hole days, sucked into managing multiple TikTok accounts? :cyclone:

Navigating the TikTok terrain for clients is a mix of thrill, creativity, and…well, a tad bit of stress. :see_no_evil:

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Pros and cons of doing client TikTok work: Let’s hash it out! :partying_face::speech_balloon:

Thought I’d share this useful resource on agency TikTok challenges and solutions!

I can definitely relate to the joys and challenges of navigating the TikTok landscape, especially given my own journey with three active TikTok channels. Each of these channels has provided unique insights into the platform and its dynamics.

My fastest-growing TikTok account, which garnered 10k followers in less than three months, was dedicated to the Amazon Influencer program. I took a highly niche approach, posting at least three times a day and consistently featuring my face on camera. What I discovered was that authenticity and getting straight to the point were key. Surprisingly, the less polished videos performed the best, proving that a genuine connection with the audience often trumps production value.

On my main account for my Agency, where I have just over 5k followers, I took a different approach. I post there less frequently, about once a month, but I’ve experienced some videos going semi-viral, gaining significant traction. Again, I noticed that the less polished videos that provided valuable content resonated most with the audience.

My third channel, dedicated to ChatGPT information, is relatively new, with a posting frequency of 5 to 10 times per week. This channel includes a mix of content styles, including Canva-style videos with no faces, talking head videos with me on screen, and carousel images. Interestingly, the carousel image-only posts are outperforming the rest, highlighting the importance of experimenting and adapting to audience preferences.

From my own experience, I’ve learned that TikTok success requires a significant upfront effort to understand the best video styles for your audience. It’s an ever-evolving process of trial and error. Additionally, when working with clients, it’s crucial to convey that micromanagement on TikTok is counterproductive. The platform thrives on authenticity and creativity, so clients must be willing to grant creative freedom to achieve the best results. An overly corporate approach simply doesn’t resonate with TikTok’s audience, and it won’t yield the desired outcomes for any TikTok strategist.