Advice on re-engaging old audiences?

Hi all! I am my company’s first Social Media Manager; as a product-led company before, much growth was attributed to being the new kid on the block. They haven’t kept up, and because of this, there is a decent following on both TW & LI but a big lack of engagement here.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice/tips to re-connecting with the audience to let them know we’re still here?

I was planning to use a community-first approach, and really work on proactively engaging with our current audience of product designers & developers in addition to making fun & new content, different than the typical promotional-style content we’d been focusing on before I arrived.

Curious to know if anyone has dealt with waking the sleeping giant of an old audience and how that’s been!


Tough, I think definitely going the way you’re going as a community first approach will be helpful. Honestly just posting and working to get your old audience your content is going to be a start. If its been let go for a while, they may not see your posts originally but as you post more often they will.


Hi @nico - nice to meet you!

Know your current audience really well and then you’ll know what they want as far as the info they want to know - and then as far as HOW they will see it - lean into short form video and test that out –

If your business goal is website traffic - you’ll need to come up with some VERY compelling titles to your social posts to get people to actually click through these days. I’ve been having fun with ChatGPT and asking things like:

Create 5 clickbait titles for this post (then then I put the working title of the post here).

The resulting titles are usually fun to consider and have helped us to rewrite and punch up the energy of the social posts.

Hope that helps.


Thank you, I agree on consistency too — we’ve returned to posting daily, which has helped stop the bleed of followers too!

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That’s an interesting use case for ChatGPT, thank you! I’ll toy around with that some more in the near future. Do you have any recommendations on a tool for audience reports or finding their interests? I think it’s just tough since we went silent and many people forgot we were here :sweat:

Thank you again!


Might be time to create a bunch of polls and surveys - and if you have an email list check the links that are clicked and open rates for certain subject lines.