Adding a Facebook Page to Business Account

I’m in the process of reorganizing my boss’ Facebook. Current situation is that he has a personal profile with one business account. The business account is named for one of the two pubs he owns (I’ll call this pub V). It is also that pub’s page, or put another way, V’s page. The other pub’s page (pub L) is connected to his personal profile.
So… I’m trying to put pub L’s page into the business account with pub V, also named pub V. I requested pub L’s page to be added to the business account. A message shows that that request is pending until approval. An email, so it states, was sent to my boss. However, he did not receive the email. Since I have access to my boss’ facebook I followed the directions to accept the pending request. However, when I get to that part where I’m supposed to be able to approve it, there is nothing, no button to approve the request. Like it’s not even pending. I’m at a loss.
It also seems strange that I have to go through this since it’s the same facebook for both pages. I’m logged in under one username and password for all of this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Lovely lovely Facebook…you think the fact that we want to pay them ad $ things would be easier!!! I’m not going to be much help…but @amanda @tony1 @lowell @RatzPackMedia might have advice!

@tank this may or may not help

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Hi. This may or may not help but I’d try the following:

  1. Confirm the email account used for your boss’s personal profile
  2. If there are business accounts or other profiles do the same
    this is to ensure you check the correct accounts. Also remember to check spam email boxes.

The other thing to do is go to the business account and verify the email addresses used for everyone and every admin contact there too.

Within the business manager area you may also be able to find a “notifications” tab which may help you find any pending invites. These do get buried.
I’ve also had times where I’ve had to login to a specific users account to look for “notifications” on a given personal profile. Again these notification tend to really get buried. I was once able to do a search in the search tool within facebook to find page notifications but I can’t recall the exact way I found this.

I hope this helps. There are times the notifications or invites are sent via email - sometimes they are sent just within facebook so try all those places.

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Thanks Lowell, this does help. Just knowing that it is an issue that someone else has dealt with before assures me that it’s not merely my lack of competence. Will definitely try this.

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Thanks so much for your help!!!

never hang your hat on lack of competence with Facebook…it’s always a crazy journey and different for all of us!

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